Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility

I-601, Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility

Depending on the cause of inadmissibility and if other requirements are met it is sometimes possible to successfully request a waiver.

These are different situations to take into account: If the applicant is an immediate relative of an American citizen and is in the United States and the only problem is that he entered the country illegally and has been in that situation for more than 180 days thus making the punishment jump from 3 to 10 years, then advise if it would be possible to ask for the inadmissibility waiver I-601A.

In all other cases, A Waiver I-601 could be requested for most of the causes of inadmissibility. If your in this situation and have questions, please feel free to contact our office by calling (702) 405-6666 or complete following form contact form.

Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility


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