Removal Defense

Protect Your Immigration Status

Our law firm advises immigrants and their families about the consequences criminal charges may have on one’s ability to remain in the United States. We review your immigration status and the nature of the criminal charges you are facing, as well as previous criminal history to find the best way to avoid deportation. We work diligently in removal defense  to make sure that our efforts on your behalf do not make it worse for your immigration status.

For an immigrant in jail on criminal charges, there is a strong risk that an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer will place a detainer against you. That means that even if you’re bailed out on the local criminal charge, you can be sent to ICE detention while the immigration authorities consider whether to seek your removal from the U.S. It is crucial to discuss the best strategy on when to pay a criminal bond, as the payment of a criminal bond may result in an individual’s immediate detention by immigration.


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We can also help arrested immigrants who are in ICE detention. We work on your defense to removal proceedings related to the criminal case. To learn how our experience with the immigration consequences of criminal charges can help you and your family contact us at (702) 405-6666 or use our convenient contact form.

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